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Coaching and Mentoring

I provide coaching for senior staff, managers and directors.

I supervise professional coaches.

I advise and support organisations to set up mentoring programmes.

I hold various qualifications including a Diploma in Professional Coaching and Mentoring and maintain my professional development through regular supervision, reading and training. As a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council link to EMCC, I work to their Code of Ethics. I have presented workshops at two EMCC conferences in Germany and the UK.

My practice is rooted in 20 years' experience of working with learners in many different settings and draws on a range of person-centred models and theories including Transactional Analysis and Gestalt.

Some of my recent publications include:

  • Supervision, Coaching and Mentoring – a resource pack for supervisors

  • Mentoring Matters – a module of independent learning materials for adult educators/ trainers

  • The Complete Coach & Mentor Profile – Self-assessment for consistent effectiveness – a checklist for anyone involved in coach-mentoring

  • What’s in a Name? Mapping the territory of coaches, mentors and others who facilitate learning

  • Mentoring – A Reader (with accompanying training manual) for the Professional Certificate in Effective Practice

Individual coach-mentoring sessions provide a thinking space for you to:

  • reflect on and make sense of your working life: the day-to-day experiences, frustrations, excitements, puzzles and challenges

  • identify and explore the personal-professional dimension of your work, checking boundaries and tensions

  • plan and anticipate: identify forthcoming events or stages and prepare for them

  • generate ideas and strategies for responding, coping, changing, celebrating, managing

  • have a confidential space in which to off-load.

In response to the content you bring, I provide structured, non-collusive support: questions, challenge, discretion, observation, input.

Contact Dee to discuss your needs and to arrange a no-fee introductory session - face-to-face, or by phone.

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