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Swimming is good for you …

… if you use your body well, without strain and stress on your neck, spine and joints.



Would you like to relax and ease painful joints or muscles? Could your breathing, floating or general confidence do with a boost? Or could your technique be refined – to use breaststroke, front crawl or back crawl without straining or gasping?

Whether you are a regular swimmer, new to swimming or returning after a break, you can transform your time in the water with one-to-one guidance and instruction tailored to your specific requirements.

I am a qualified teacher of Shaw Method Swimming, which concentrates on using your body well in the water: looking after your neck, shoulders and joints so that you can swim with pleasure and ease. Applying my 'dry land' expertise to the water has been a fascinating and exciting adventure, and has taught me an enormous amount about how people learn. To find out more about the Shaw Method, visit: link to Art of Swimming

I am also a qualified ASA teacher and Fellow of the Institute of Swimming (FIOS).        

I offer individual sessions for adults and children at pools in the Oxford area. Click here to visit one of the pools I use: link to Four Pillars

Special Offer: £10 trial session

for new adult learners!

To find out more, contact Dee: 

Tel: +44 (0) 1865 203570     



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Dee's favourite swimming book:
Waterlog - A Swimmer's Journey Through Britain

by Roger Deakin - amazing!

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